Complex Projects - The Winning Game Plan

  • Author: Iwona Wilson
  • Level: Basic
  • Study time: 3-5 hours
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Course overview
Learn a simple, repeatable, step-by-step system for capital projects requiring multi-level stakeholders engagement. Ideal for project management teams working on complex projects. It includes six principles that are required to be in place to take advantage of the stage gate process, such as front-end loading, strong gates, scalability, top management involvement, opportunity framing and decision-making.

  • Video time: 2h 25min
  • Exams: Self-evaluation

Have Your Projects Working For You

Learn the formula to validating ideas and turning them to profitable projects and use it:

For Executives and Decision-Makers

Choose the right kind of projects and develop them right. Build confidence at the time of project authorization.

For Executives and Decision - Makers

Learn how to increase the chances that potential  opportunities move to the next stage and potential failures are killed as soon as possible.

For Project Managers

Skip the trial error, reduce the cost, hassle and rework. Build your projects the right way from the start.

For Project Managers

Learn how to scale the process for any type of project and integrate with agile, if required.

For Project Teams

Increase collaboration and foster a sense of belonging, by involving Project Teams and Decision-Makers right from the start with clear governance.

For Project Teams

Generate language fluency across the business by ensuring everyone "sings from the same hymn sheet".

What's included?

  • 16 video lessons
  • Templates
  • Self-Assessments
  • Certificate


Complex Projects - The Workbook, Deliverables Plan Template, Gate Review Template, Opportunity Roadmap Template,  Key slides in PowerPoint format, Facilitate Meetings - Checklist, How to Build the Perfect Team - self evaluation questionnaire.

Bonus Material

The URUK Platform webinar, introducing a new digital solution, if you want to take this knowledge to the next level, 
kind words by students

Our students love our
approach to learning

"The content and delivery of the course are excellent. Iwona has a wealth of experience in the Stage Gated Process and is a skilled facilitator of the Opportunity Framing Workshops. This course is essential knowledge for any Project Manager, Decision-Maker, or Project Team working on complex projects with stakeholders engagement issues"
rene ramirez, PMI CBC Chapter
"What an incredible piece of work! I think this content could be a great introduction to development planning and I will share it with some folks at XOM. Of course we have our own slightly different terms but the overall content, concepts, and success factors are universal. I’d like to see it in the XOM catalog as an intro to development planning concepts. I was even thinking this would be a great university course."
Jack Neal, Geoscientist and Energy Industry Commercial Advisor
"I think you have done a great job explaining project management. Really excellent!!!!"
Lowell Millican, OCI - National President 
"It looks great, and I love the production. Of course, the content speaks to my heart, and the alignment is clear."
Mounir A. Ajam, CEO of the Uruk Platform

Course contents



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Let's bring everyone on the same page and learn what is a project.
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Watch this video lesson to learn what distinguishes the Winning Projects from the Losing ones.

Frequently asked questions

FAQ 1: Are my results guaranteed?

FAQ 1 Answer: Like anything in life, you will get out of this course what you put into it. The results you get are up to you. We can promise that if you commit to the process and put in the work, you will see results. This course will give you a shift in the way you think and feel about projects, their value, and how the Stage Gate Process works to provide greater confidence at the project authorisation.

FAQ 2: Can I share course info with a friend?

FAQ 2 Answer: The insights you learn will definitely be share-worthy.  In order for your friends or team to get the best results, we recommend they sign up to take the course themselves. Contact us for group discounts.

FAQ 3: Can I use the material and checklists in my work?

FAQ 3 Answer: Yes! It was the intention right from the start to create templates for roadmaps, deliverables plan and checklists that you can easily customize and use in your project.

Iwona Wilson

Trainer, Strategy Facilitator and Consultant
ABOUT iwona
Iwona is a trainer, strategy facilitator and a consultant with a mission to help leaders and project managers run their projects better, especially if they are complex and require multi-level stakeholder engagement. She has over 17 years of experiences working in the oil and gas industry and is an expert in the Stage Gate Process, Opportunity Framing and Strategic Planning.
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